Our ministry

“You are the salt of the earth
    You are the light of the world”

Matthew 5:13-14

The Christian Youth Medical Association of Ukraine (CYMAU) joins together young specialists and students of the medical professions for professional and  spiritual growth!

As medical workers we have a wonderful opportunity to serve God by serving people.  Nowadays, more than ever, people require not only physical (medical) help, but also spiritual support.  In our present time of gadgets and new technologies, medical care has become impersonal.  Our training emphasizes physical care while ignoring spiritual factors.  Patients also don’t understand the benefit of knowing God in there medical care.  Therefore, we have great opportunity to influence society and the culture of medicine.

CYMAU has branches in different regions of Ukraine.  All the branches perform various charitable activity by arranging trips to places where medical care is limited.  Christian doctors offer medical help, diagnostics and consultations to needy people and citizens of old age. They also visit hard-to-reach for medicine areas.

Our medical ministry has been organized into groups in a number of districts.  These groups not only study the Holy Scripture, pray and witness to their fellow students, but also support the sick people in hospitals and at homes, visit children diagnosed with cancer, participate in preventative educational activities concerning HIV and AIDS at schools, institutes of higher education and other places.

For the last two years, Ukraine has been a country at war.  Our doctors and medical students have been visiting the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) area every month.  The people living there have very limited access to medical help. Our brothers and sisters also have been helping internally displaced persons who have become refuges from the fighting in the eastern Ukraine.

Each summer, CYMAU in conjunction with the CMA of Belarus  work together hold Christian medical camp. Young people studying in the medical professions and recent graduates not only have a chance to rest, but also attend seminars and workshops. Spending time in a camp allows participants to meet and be encouraged by the sharing and the exchange of their personal experience. They also go to local people and serve them by providing medical consultations and necessary medications.

Finally, every year CYMAU holds a national medical conference gathering over 200 participants from different places of Ukraine. We also participate in a conference especially for the foreign students who study in Ukraine. For every conference we invite some speakers from different countries.  They come in order to share their knowledge and experience with medical campers and to get to know the Ukrainian culture.

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